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An Intentional 75 Days

I’m loving this crisp fall weather, but I can’t believe it’s the middle of October already!  Did you know there are only 75 days left in 2018?

The weather turning colder has me wanting to drink coffee all day, and the gorgeous mornings have me hanging close to the windows as much as possible while I get our household rolling every morning.

This year has seemed to go so quickly and counting the days left in the year have me definitely evaluating how I’m spending my time.  I find the quote so true that says “we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can get done in a year.”  (I’m still wondering how I didn’t get my bedroom cleaned yesterday??)

Oh, well.

What are the things that are ours to start or finish, build or plant, overthrow or tear down (to borrow from Jeremiah) in the last 75 days of this year?  Please hear me – I believe next year is as important as this, and I believe every.single.day is ours to live and love well.  Sometimes, though,  a timeline is a good way to refocus and get intentional about a specific span of  space in our life.

So my challenge to you today is this – what are the priorities for your next 75 days?  Where does your focus need to land?  Where is your impact supposed to be?

Asking these questions led me to pull up an older blog post on goals and how we tend to give up on them.  The reasons for not quitting are as good in the middle of October as they were for the middle of January.  Now is NOT the time to throw up your hands and say, “I’ll get intentional about life as soon as the holidays are over and January hits!”

There is no time like today to get intentional about our life.

So what are YOUR priorities to live an intentional 75 days?

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