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2020, Tools, Seasons and Hiking

This summer, Jonathan and I went on an 11 day reset adventure to the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I know – we did it in the crazy year of 2020. We did. And it was amazing! Neither of us had been there before, but Jonathan had started dreaming about making this trip several years ago. While this area really had never been on my personal bucket list, listening to him dream, seeing pictures of the mountains and waterfalls, and entertaining the idea of visiting there sometime started to get me excited about the possibility.

Back-tracking a bit…early this year both of us were in a meeting at work with our boss. He was thanking us for the work we both do then told us that we should entertain the thought of getting away for an extended time to rest, reset, and take a break from work. He listed the benefits he’s experienced in doing that then encouraged us to find some dates that would work. We looked at each other and grinned starting to hope that we could maybe, just maybe, make that happen!

There’s a lot of things about Covid-19 that have made 2020 difficult to navigate, but one thing that was an advantage for us was the cost of traveling coming down. We had to take additional precautions, and some places were closed to the public. But we still had a wonderful 11 days!

Mt. Rainier from the Skyline Trail

Hiking in those mountains was at once rejuvenating and exhausting, thrilling and one-foot-after-the-other. I learned so much in those 11 days, because life is a whole lot like a long hike. No hike is the same as the one the day before. Recovering from and resting after a particularly hard, long hike is vital to being ready for the next one.

And our boss was right! Taking time away from our normal, daily life has a way of resetting and bringing clarity to what is important and what is just “filler noise.”

I made a video about one of the BIG things I learned that week. I hope it encourages you! Here it is.

After you’ve listened, come back and tell me your thoughts, what you’ve been learning, and what you are experiencing in 2020!

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