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4 Steps to Reconnect With God

As much as we want to be connected to God and have a deep relationship with Him, there are seasons of life that put a strain on our connection. We have all heard, “God never moves away from us. If He seems distant, you are the one that has moved.” When we find ourselves in a season of feeling distant, how do we reconnect with Someone we can’t see?

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I have gone thru various seasons like this in my life, but there’s one that stands out in my memory from 7 years ago. Many days during that summer, I felt like I was at the bottom of a deep, black hole looking up at where I knew the top of the hole should be but could rarely see light at the top. Knowing truth from lies was a daily struggle. It was a dark, lonely place. Thankfully life turned around, and I found the top of the pit and climbed out.

Looking back, I realize there are 4 things I did that helped me move out of that difficult season.
1. Keep picking up your Bible and reading the truths in it even when it doesn’t feel like it’s penetrating. Even if the darkness feels impenetrable, God’s Word is life and truth, and He has promised that His Word will not return void. Just because something feels true doesn’t mean that it IS true.
2. Keep praying and telling God how you feel even if it doesn’t feel like He hears. Sometimes grabbing a pen and paper and starting to write exactly what I was feeling was the best way to help me to start processing and sharing with Him what was going on in my heart. Again, just because something feels true doesn’t mean that it IS true.
3. Tell someone you trust what you are going thru. Having someone to talk to and checking in on me helped me to process, alleviated the intense loneliness, and was like oxygen to me.
4. Plan activities into your week that you have enjoyed in the past. When we are in such a dark place, it can be easy to believe that there is nothing that we enjoy doing. Look at old pictures to help jog your memory of things you’ve done and enjoyed in the past, then schedule it or something similar to it into your week. Deliberately scheduling things we enjoy helps to break the mental rut that our mind has fallen into.
Some seasons of life are dark and difficult, but implementing these steps helped to keep that difficult season from becoming my new lifestyle.

What has helped you to keep your face turned toward God in difficult times of life?

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