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4 Ways To Be Healthy

“We take our lead from Christ, who is the source of everything we do,  He keeps us in step with each other.  His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love.” Ephesians 4:16 MSG

Isn’t that what we want our lives to look like-nourished, healthy in God and robust in love? 

What can we do to be nourished, healthy, and robust?

Here’s 4 things I’ve learned that I need in order to continue to grow.

A plant can’t grow if it isn’t in the correct environment.

I can want a tomato plant to grow and give me lots of tomatoes; but if I don’t take the time to plant it into the ground in a spot where it gets nourishment, it’s growth will be severely stunted if it grows at all.

In the same way, if I’m not “planted” in the Word of God, I won’t grow.

A plant can’t grow if it isn’t watered.

I can put a plant into the ground and leave it alone expecting it to do it’s thing and grow the fruit it’s expected to.  However, if I pay no attention to the dryness or dampness of the soil over the course of it’s growing phase, the fruit I receive from the plant will be minimal.

If I’m not spending quality time in prayer (conversation and constant dialogue) with my Daddy, the soil I’m planted in is going to become hard and dry.  The fruit of the Spirit won’t grow if there’s no connection to the Father.

A plant won’t grow well if the soil isn’t tilled and the weeds removed.

Weeds left unchecked in a garden can take nourishment from the plants and choke out the health of the plants we want to grow.

Having people around me that I’m living in deep relationship with is very important, I’ve discovered.  I’ve given them the right to speak into my life, telling me when they see things in me that aren’t consistent, true, or bringing glory back to my Daddy.

A plant that receives the correct fertilizer has the potential to bring an abundant harvest.

Putting the incorrect fertilizer on a plant doesn’t help it; it may even harm it.

God never puts the incorrect “fertilizer” on me.  No detail of my life is lost on Him, and He turns everything in my life into good if I respond the correct way to what He’s doing in my life.  He’s constantly working in my life to make me more like Him and to keep me on the course that He’s charted for my life.

God has made every provision for me to be nourished, healthy, and robust in Him!  It is my deepest desire to live a life that “produces a crop 100 times more than the farmer planted.” (Luke 8:8b NIRV)


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