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All Hope Is NOT Lost

Isn’t it great that God stays true to His Word, that He never changes?  Isn’t it a major security that no matter what goes down in the news or what is going on in our personal lives that we can know without a doubt that God will never change? 

He won’t change; His principles won’t change; He never negates His promises. 

When we look at some of the events that have hit the news this summer, it would be pretty easy to take the stance of “the world is going to hell in a handbasket.”  From the ruling of the US Supreme Court on marriage, to the Planned Parenthood videos, to the incriminating evidence that exposed Josh Duggar’s continued sexual escapades, “life in these ‘Christian’ United States” looks slightly depressing. 

And it is.

At least it is if you look at it without keeping Jesus in the picture. 

I don’t think that God is looking at the United States and feeling hopeless.  I don’t think that the Trinity is calling frenzied meetings and wringing their hands.

When I say that, I’m NOT saying that I think He’s pleased with everything that’s been going on here.  I DID say that I don’t think He’s feeling hopeless about it.

Here’s why I think that.

He’s the God that watched Jacob, whom He had chosen to be the one through whom Jesus’ lineage would come from, lie to his own father about who he was in his greed to get the greater blessing.

He’s the God that watched Abraham and Sarah lose their faith, take matters into their own hands by having Abraham have sex with Sarah’s maid, and try to fulfill the promise that God gave them on their own timeline.

He’s the God that watched David have sex with the wife of one of his own military generals and then plan the murder of that general when she became pregnant and the sin couldn’t be hidden anymore.

He’s the God that managed to keep the first century church not only alive but thriving and growing under the nose of the Roman emperor Nero, who, in case we forgot, is mostly known for his depravity and for persecuting Christians.

He’s the God that so thoroughly redeemed the major religious persecutor of the first century church (who is most likely responsible for the deaths of thousands of Christians before he met Jesus himself) that Paul became one of the greatest apostles of the early church and wrote many letters that became part of the New Testament we have today.  In our terms, it’s synonymous with a leader of ISIS being transformed by Jesus and becoming a church planter, Christian mentor, and an author whose books on walking with Jesus are read around the world.

When I look at these historical events, I just don’t buy the lie that “we are going to hell in a handbasket.”  If we really believe that God doesn’t change, what makes us think that He has quit redeeming?

In all of the above stories, all it took was for someone to say YES to Jesus to change an outcome that looked imminent.

People, our BIG YES to God is the only thing that turns this around.

So the question changes from “Where is God, and why is this stuff happening?” to “Where is our yes to God?”

You.  Not your spouse.  Not the other people in church.  Not the government.  Not anyone else, but YOU. 

YOU are the only one that can say yes for you.

You can’t say yes for anyone else.

Only for you.

Can God depend on your YES???

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