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The Almost Almighty Task List

When I can’t find motivation or am overwhelmed with all there is to do, I collapse on the couch, grab my phone, and start punching keys.

I’ve discovered that when I can’t seem to get moving, the best way to get moving is to sit down.

Not sit down and keep sitting! LOL  I put down what needs to be done, what I want to get done, and what should get done.  I have all these mental lists in my head which lead to unreasonably high expectations of what I MUST accomplish.  Inevitably, reality comes crashing in, and I feel completely overwhelmed because there is CLEARLY not enough time in this day to do what must be done. 

Or so I think.

And sometimes I’m correct.

But other times I really can get most everything done!

I’ve discovered that when I sit my derriere down, grab a paper and pen or my phone, and make a list that I can see and organize, it’s amazing how much better I feel-even if it’s clear that I won’t get the list done. 

My head isn’t popping anymore, because I got that mental whirlwind out of it!

Now I can organize the tasks into what needs to be priority NOW, like starting dinner prep or another load of laundry.

I can see the things that I can delegate to my little sidekicks.

A little secret that I’ve discovered is that there are usually one or two tasks that are absolutely driving me CRAZY!  Like dirty toilets.  Plants in the landscape that need to be trimmed back.  A dusty table or counter .

In the past, I was a bit OCD about these things.  I COULD NOT possibly clean only the toilet.  The ENTIRE bathroom must be scrubbed from top to bottom.  If I was going to do any work in the landscape, ALL the landscape must be trimmed and weeded. 

Dust only the furniture that was clearly dusty??? HERESY!

In the interest of full disclosure, that is still the way that I prefer to do things, cleaning a whole room instead of spots.  But with all the other things that I value and enjoy in life, sometimes the almighty task list isn’t the top of the priority list anymore.

It’s a good thing.  At least it has been for me. 

Grabbing the wipes and toilet bowl cleaner and attacking that dirty toilet leaving a shining white throne can happen in a few minutes.  And, oh, happy day, I don’t throw fiery darts at it every time I walk into the bathroom anymore!  Instead I’m singing songs of joy over it! 

It really has worked for me, especially on days that I don’t have nearly the time that I’d like to whip the house into shape, to go straight to the tasks that are really driving me mad looking at them all the time.  Yeah, I still have to talk myself into it at times, but the reality in those times is this-how bad do I want those tasks done?  Would I rather wait for a few days and go crazy at the craziness or go straight to the crazy and take care of it?

I mean, who but me is going to know that the bathroom vent is sparkling but the shower really isn’t?  

So what’s my point?

  • ·         Be open to thinking differently about the things that need to be done. 

  • ·         Let go of a few things. 

  • ·         Switch up your routine a bit. 

  • ·         Go straight to the crazy; get those things finished!

What if you could have coffee with a friend, pick up that book you’ve wanted to get to, or whatever it is that you are always putting off until EVERYTHING is done?


Just sayin’.  Harsh reality, I know. 

When I started to embrace that fact, life got a bit easier.  It got easier to prioritize.

I still have a long way to go to let all the OCD go out the window.  I really do.  But when I look back over the last number of years I breathe a small sigh of relief.  I seriously want to cry when I think of how I used to not fully enjoy hanging out with my hubby and friends on Friday nights unless the entire house was clean, the laundry was all folded and put away, the car was clean, the windows were clean, the flowerbeds were free and clear of weeds…WHAT was I thinking?? 

Sometimes I’m tempted to calculate how many books I could have read before I had kiddos that needed to be loved on, food fed to them at least once a day ;), clothes to wear, ouchies taken care of, and everything else that goes with being a mom.  If I would have spent at least half the time reading and learning that I spent obsessing about my house and the area surrounding it, I’d certainly be further ahead! 

Looking back can be OK to see the progress one has made, but how quickly one could get stuck in the ridiculousness of the past!

New quote right there. ^ Ha.

So here are steps that I take when I feel the pressure of “too much to day in a day” or have a lack of motivation to get going-

1.      Intentionally sit down and put the tasks cluttering my mind out onto the paper or a note in my phone.

      2.  Assess what needs to be done or started RIGHT NOW.

      3.  Assess what has to be done today.  (Don’t try to kid yourself on this one.  If you put something on this list that really doesn’t have to be done today, you know it.  Been there, done that.)

4.   Delegate wherever I can.  Hey, businesses run better when tasks are delegated rather than one person trying to do it all.  My home is my business! 

5. Determine what the crazy tasks are that, if they get done, will keep the uncompleted tasks from being a big deal.  

      6.  Remember that my life is not summed up by how clean or orderly my house is but by things that really are way more important.  Like growth, like relationships, like rest and peace.

      7.  Do my best and then, at least I try to, forget the rest! 

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