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Am I Living Up To What Easter Is All About??

This week as I was thinking about Easter, I started thinking about all the things that Jesus’ death meant. 

Since I was very young, I’ve known what Easter is about and that Jesus was crucified for my sins, died, and was raised to life again 3 days later.  Because I’ve known this my entire life, sometimes I feel kinda jaded to all of it and like I’m taking for granted all that it means. 

But this week, my heart has been more grateful, more aware, not so much taking it all for granted. 

The whole point of Jesus coming, dying, and resurrecting was to cancel the curse and the effects of it. 

When the curse came upon Adam and Eve because of their poor choices, they felt shame, fear, guilt, pain, and broken relationship and distrust toward God and each other. 

Jesus came to restore everything that was broken when that happened.

Jesus’ victory over sin and death means that I don’t need to be afraid of anything.  He’s given me everything I need to find peace and be victorious over any fear I have in life.

His victory means that when I feel guilt or shame, I can come straight to the Father, tell Him all about it, and then follow His directions on how to move from guilt and shame into freedom and joy without waiting for the correct season, the correct day of sacrifice, with a perfect lamb to sacrifice so that my relationship with God can be restored.

His resurrection means that there is a solution for every problem I face that ends with LIFE and not death.  His death took care of all of it!

Jesus’ life called good things out of people.  People wanted to be with Him, wanted to hear Him, wanted to be better from being around Him.  His love and goodness drew people to Him.  He brought hope, joy, and peace where there was none.   Those who didn’t want to make the difficult choices to change their life to live by God’s principles felt sorrow.

I want my life to look like Jesus’ life.  I want the fruits of the Spirit to be abundant coming out of my life.  I want people to see and feel Jesus in me no matter how big or small, short or long their experience is with me.  I want them to want to “follow me as I follow Christ.”

This Easter season I have such a hunger, a yearning to see much more distinctly what aspects of my life need to shift to enable my interaction with people, my attitudes, my mindset to BRING LIFE everywhere I go, to everyone I come into contact with.

Jesus died for me so that I could live life like He did-blameless, holy, grounded in His Father, victorious.

I don’t want to settle for less than what He died for.

The cost, His death, was too big for me to waste by living small or safe.  Small and safe are based in fear.  Confidence and trust are based in love.

I choose love.  I choose life.

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