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An Inspiration Smorgasbord

I’ve come across some great blog posts and other content recently that I wanted to share with you! I know that all of us want to do our very best at everything we do, get the results we’re looking for, and have relationships that are meaningful.

So pull up a chair and grow with me!

“Procrastination isn’t about laziness. It’s about fear. It’s about perfectionism. It’s about overwhelm.”

Ummm, yes, this rings a bell… Wow! If you want some great tips on how to overcome procrastinating, this read is for you!

9 Productivity Tricks for Procrastinators

What are the gifts our families truly need from us this year?   This blog post took my breath away several times.  And stepped on my toes.  And gave me some good ideas…

Consider Being Softer: It’s the Gift They’ve Always Wanted

I have a feeling my kiddos would love this treat some lazy evening when we decide to justify sugar…

Hershey’s S’mores Cone

If you are looking for a quick dinner option and love using your crockpot, this recipe is for you!  My kiddos asked for it to be made often.  It was a win!

Crockpot Smoked Sausage and Hash Brown Casserole

“But it’s not our circumstances that define us, or even how we deal with each individual problem. No, what defines us as people, as the men and women that we want to be, is how we deal with adversity.”

We all face adversity.  All of us.  How good are we at dealing with it?

2 Questions to Ask When Trials Come

I hope you found something here that will help you in your life!

What have you read, listened to, or seen that has inspired you in one way or another?  Share it with all of us in the comments!

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