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What Brings You Energy?

What is it when someone asks you to do or help with that makes you smile and anticipate doing it? What do you love to do? What do people ask you questions about? What is it that doesn’t feel like work to you? What could you do every day and get energy from doing it and not feel burned out?

T-ballerina-9                      T-ballerina-16Paul talks about how God sends someone to plant a seed, someone else waters it, and God brings the increase. In Acts 6, the apostles recognized the need for someone to be organizing food lines, etc. in the ministry to people in need, but they also realized that this wasn’t what they were called to. They brought the need before the people and allowed the people to put others into the position who were qualified to fill the need. Even the early church apostles weren’t equipped or called to do everything!

God put gifts and abilities into each one of us. He was very intentional about that! He MEANT to do that! He isn’t a “cookie cutter” God, wanting all of us to function in the same way! He meant for us to function as a body-some people functioning as fingers, some as ankles, and others as hearts. It isn’t an accident; it’s an intelligent design to make sure that all the needs of people on this planet are met. When we don’t step into what God has equipped us to do or try to do what someone else has done instead of what we are to do, we become frustrated, and life becomes harder than it needs to be. Yes, it’s a great idea to learn from someone who has the same type of gifting as we do, but learning from and asking questions of them is very different from trying to be them or doing everything exactly as they have done and expecting our ministry or business or family to be exactly like theirs. It won’t be exactly the same, because you are wired differently and have a specific spot to fill even if it may be similar to someone else’s.

So what gives you energy? Is it working with children? Is it making healthy food? Is it making numbers line up in the businesses you do accounting for? Is it finding solutions? Is it ministering to the poor? Is it teaching? Is it creating art that speaks to people? What is it?


God put things inside of you that will bring you energy and fulfillment when you do them. The world around you needs you to function in those arenas! They not only fulfill your life, but others will receive encouragement and blessing from you walking in the places God designed you to function in. Because unless you step into your role, the rest of us are functioning as only part of a body.  Step into it!  You were made for it!

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