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What Do Coffee and Your Bible Have In Common?

I love coffee and sipping a steaming mug of it first thing in the morning is my favorite way to start the day, but it hasn’t always been this way!

Growing up, my mom drank coffee at times but not every morning.  My first real memories of coffee were of my uncle who drank it every morning, and because we had to drive to our bus stop and lived right next door to him and his family, I got to smell his java on the mornings that he drove my cousins and I to meet the bus.  I always loved the smell of it but didn’t care for the taste.

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Several times recently I’ve been reminded of how I acquired a taste for this delicious brew a number of years ago.

Here’s how it happened-I simply decided that I wanted to like it because it smelled so good, and I had heard others say that they had acquired a taste for it when they started drinking it more regularly. So I decided I’d try that.  It was that simple for me.  I don’t remember it taking a long time or being a difficult process at all to learn to like it.

Stay with me-this really isn’t a blog post about how everyone who doesn’t drink coffee should decide to acquire a taste for it!  Really it’s not.  (although I will support you if you decide to do that, ha!)

Acquiring a taste for something is a lot like starting a new habit or breaking an old one.  At the start, it’s more about  your wants and beliefs than your actions, because if you don’t really want to start a new habit or acquire a taste for something new, you will give up before you really start. 

I think that “acquiring a taste” for the Word of God can be done in the same way that I acquired a taste for coffee-by deciding that I WANTED to like it and drinking it until I did!

When I was young, my Dad modeled reading his Bible every day.  There were many times when I came downstairs in the morning and saw him sitting in his chair reading his Bible.  He modeled it well!  I initially started imitating his habit at night when I went to bed.  I remember falling asleep in my bed while reading my Bible, waking up in the middle of the night with the light still on and my Bible under my covers with me.  The more I got into the Word, the more I wanted to be in it.

2 things that coffee and my Bible have taught me-

  1. It’s absolutely possible to make a decision to train myself to like a flavor I don’t currently care for.
  2. My Bible can be as addictive as caffeine!  Only it’s better for me.

Even if what I read doesn’t feel true or “tasty,” if I keep reading my Bible regularly, I will see and experience changes in my life and beliefs that will eventually cause me to crave the satisfaction it brings.  It may not happen in a day or even a week, but it will happen if I want it to! The more I understand that the Word carries truth for every situation in my life, the more I want to know what it says.

The Bible is as addictive as any other thing on the planet that we can become addicted to.  We just need to spend enough time reading it so the addiction can happen.

What have you found yourself craving that you never thought would be something you thought you couldn’t do without?  Do you think you can do that with something you actually want to become “addicted” to?


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