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Made for Relationship

We were made for relationship.

We were made to be connected.

Today I was trying to work online and couldn’t connect to the network that I needed to in order to get online.  Neither my laptop or my phone would connect.  I felt frustrated and didn’t know what else to try to get done what I needed to do.  When nothing I tried worked, I grabbed my journal and pen and started writing my thoughts and feelings.

There is only one connection that will never be in a state of dysfunction.

My connection with my husband sometimes goes thru times of not being as connected as I want it to be, whether it’s a busy schedule or less than great choices on our part that keeps us from connecting well.  And not unlikely, one of us will need to function alone without the connection of our marriage sometime in the future.  The far future, I hope! 🙂

Relationships with other family members and friends go thru seasons of closeness and connectedness, but the landscape of our lives are also littered with relationships that are less than life-giving.

Internet connections as well sometimes function perfectly, and other times there aren’t even any options to connect to the Internet.

There is only one connection that I can tap into anywhere, anytime, and that’s my connection to my heavenly Father.  Whether I’m in Africa or Ohio, the beach or the mountains, the shower or at work, alone or in the middle of thousands of people I can connect with Him.  He’s never too busy to listen.  He never moves.  My choice can be to change my settings and lose the connection, but His choice is never to disconnect from me.

My relationship with Him is the only one that can never be changed except by my choice.  All other relationships have humans with free choice on the other end who can choose to break connection in our relationship.  But God will never move, will never break connection with me.

I choose to not change my settings for that connection.

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