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The Culture of Grace


Often when I sit down with my Bible, journal, and cup of coffee in the morning, I ask God what He wants to say to me instead of immediately opening my Bible and starting to read.  This morning I did that and almost instantly heard words that spoke life and peace deep into my spirit, soul, and mind.

“Grace.  There’s lots of grace available for your day today.  Not only for this day, but for every part of your life!  There’s abundant grace for all the changes, for growth, and for the challenges.  There is grace.  Much grace.”

In my little family, there are lots of changes coming in the next few months.  Some parts of those changes we can see clearly, but the details of many aspects are about as clear as mud at the moment. 

I don’t know what mud looks like in your corner of the world, but mud around here is very dark, clumpy, and murky.

Change is good.  I like change. (at least that is what I keep telling myself)  But change isn’t easy, isn’t always as glamorous as we’d like to think it is. 

Change is just that-change.  Change means doing things differently from the way we have been doing things.  It means getting out of our little comfort zone, from where we know what’s going on, and walking into a new, clueless season where we are constantly learning new things and how to do them well.

But grace.

What does walking in grace look like?  What IS grace?

Grace is unmerited favor from God that gives us the undeserved blessing of being completely and totally forgiven from our sins.  But along with that, grace tore the veil in front of the Most Holy Place giving us open access to relationship with our Daddy.

Grace is also the power God gives us to become like Christ.  Without grace, we have no hope of becoming Christ-like!

So grace is given to us freely.  There is nothing we did to deserve it.


Since it is the power we have to grow in Christ, it is also something we steward.  We receive it freely, but what are we doing with it?  Are we stewarding grace and growing in Christ, becoming more like Him? Or are we receiving grace like a welfare check, taking it to the bank and cashing it but not using it to grow?  If we aren’t stewarding it, it’s still useful.  Very useful.  Important, even.  But there’s so much more potential to grace than just using it to survive.  It can make us thrive!

I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now.  It could be anything under the sun.  Or everything under the sun.   

The great news is that whatever is going on in your life falls under the umbrella of God’s grace.  All of it.  Every.single.bit.of.it.

There is grace for it. 

Grace, because the veil is torn, and you have complete access to God with it.

Because God has given you the grace to not only survive this but to thrive in it.

Grace.  It makes all the difference.

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