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The Difference Between Facts & Truth

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between facts and truth, but understanding the difference is vital for breakthrough from the wilderness into the promised land.


God is everywhere, sunset

God is everywhere. He’s in every place in every situation. Because He’s there, everything He is is there, too.  Wherever I find myself, whatever I’m feeling, whatever things look like through my natural eyes, God and everything He is is there.

His grace, provision, strength, power, rest…these are there.  Regardless of how empty or hopeless or disappointed I feel, His hope and grace and love are there. Will I choose to receive them?

No matter how bleak and overwhelming the facts are, His provision, promises, and beauty are there. I get to choose whether or not I’ll receive His gifts.

He is good.

It’s a shift in my mindset. It’s choosing to believe that God really is Who He says He is. It’s choosing to believe that He is everywhere and that He.is.good.  He is always good.

It is true that there are situations in my life that are much less than perfect, beautiful, or encouraging. But when I look those situations in the face and choose to believe God is Who He says He is, I choose the truth. God is the truth. He is the only truth.

Just because facts are true doesn’t make them truth.

When I focus on the circumstances or situations I’m in, looking around at what feels true instead of looking up and hearing God’s truth, I become disillusioned, frustrated, and immobilized to hear and do what God is saying. I may need to get away. That could look like a day spent in solitude with just the Father or just a few short moments in another room inviting Him to reveal His truth and change the way I’m thinking.

Choosing to believe truth rather than facts works like the law of gravity and the law of lift. The law of gravity is true-what goes up will get pulled back down. But when I tap into the law of lift, I fly! The law of lift supersedes the law of gravity. As long as I am applying the law of lift, I fly.

God is bigger, more powerful, more truth than the facts of my life.

What will I choose today? Will I believe things that are true, or will I believe truth? Will I be held down by gravity, or will I fly?

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