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Everyone Needs One

Last week I spent a day in a class learning about mental health.  We learned about the different kinds of mental illnesses, what they look like, and ways to help and support people who are experiencing them.

At the end of the day, I walked out of the class with lots of great information and a much stronger understanding of how to assist in mental health situations.

As we went through the class, hopelessness came up over and over.  Often a sense of hopelessness is a big piece of what someone with mental illness is feeling.  Our instructor talked about how important it is that a person who is not mentally healthy has at least one person that they know loves them and cares about them.

One person they know loves them.

One person who cares.

As I mulled over that thought later in the evening, it made me a bit sick to my stomach.  One person who cares.

My reality is so different from that.  I’m practically surrounded by people that I know love me and care about what’s going on in my life.  I know that and always have.  I’ve been aware for a long time that this isn’t everyone’s circumstance, but the day of the mental health class, it was in my face all day.

Living not knowing if anyone cares is NOT what my Daddy’s plan was for anyone living on this earth!  Not at all.  While my heart was processing everything that we heard and talked about that day, this is what I was sensing in my spirit.

My dream was for everyone to live within a community that is like a greenhouse, having the optimal amount of sunshine, water, food, and humidity where growth is facilitated, not prevented. My dream was for everyone as a child to have grown up knowing he is loved and for every word spoken over them to have been a word of encouragement and truth. My dream was for everyone to be encouraged every day, built up to become who I created them to be. My dream was for everyone to have others walking right beside them in deep trust and confidence. My dream was for none to be in want spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. I provided an Earth that has more than enough resources to sustain all the life found on it. It’s only because of sin that there is ever any want or deficiency. If you could see reality as I see it, you would be completely amazed at the fullness that is available.

If every doubt and fear would be eradicated and confidence and identity would march in their place, if every lie would be uprooted and truth would be established in its place, if all chains of bondage would be broken and instead we walked in freedom, the reality of the Earth realm would be shockingly different.

Everyone needs one person to believe in them, to look inside and see the greatness there, and then to gently draw that greatness out and bring it to the surface.

Maybe your story is like mine.  You’ve always known that the people around you care deeply about you.

Maybe your story is drastically different from mine.  You haven’t had people around you that have seen the greatness in you, but instead have crushed your spirit and said and done things that have left you feeling hopeless.  I’m truly sorry for that.  Your heavenly Father HAS put wonderful things into you, and He loves you no matter how many reasons you can come up with why He shouldn’t!  He loves you, and His heart is very much to see you grow and thrive in life!

To all of us-will we be the one today that sees greatness in the people in front of us?  Will we be the one today that encourages?  Will we be the one that loves? Will we break a chain of bondage, silence a doubt, replace a lie with the truth?

Will we be the one?


I’d love to hear about part of your story!  Who in your life has believed in you, pulled greatness out of you that you didn’t even know was there, encouraged you through tough times?  What have you been able to accomplish because of someone encouraging you?

And if you are someone who doesn’t have people around you encouraging you, send me a private message.  I’d love to connect with you and help you find encouragement!


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