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Fall and Fire

Fall.  I do love it.  I would enjoy it thoroughly, without reserve, if winter weren’t right behind it, lasting FOREVER.  I.seriously.hate.being.cold.all.the.time!

One of the things I love about fall is sitting by a fire.

I love sitting around the fire, whether it’s outside or inside beside the stove.  I sit as close as I can to it and soak up the warmth, the brightness, and am mesmerized by watching the dancing flames.

Sitting by a fire is a place I never get tired of being.  I just want to sit, stay, relax and hang out. 

So I had a moment, a God moment, sitting by the fire.  A light bulb moment for me.

fire pic 2

God’s presence is like a fire. 

His presence is warm.  It’s comforting. 

His presence draws me.  It’s inviting.

His presence makes me alive and free.  It’s never boring.

I can sit down as close as possible to the fire,  or I can sit across the room or pull my chair way back.

God’s presence is the same way.  It’s there whether I choose to get close or not.  I can have the full benefit of His presence, or I can watch and feel from a distance.  It’s my choice how much I receive from His outstanding offer of His presence with me.

I’m pulling up a chair…wanna join me?

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