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Freedom-What Is It?

I’m so thankful for freedom.

Yes, I know what happened last Friday. Yes, I know this will cause some changes in the future for our nation. Yes, I believe that God wasn’t taken by surprise.

There is a freedom that can’t be taken away.

It’s a freedom that isn’t given by the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress or the President or anyone else walking the face of the earth, for that matter.

It’s a freedom that comes from knowing Whose you are. It comes from believing what He says about you. It comes from doing life the way He guides you to live it.

This freedom can’t be taken away by anyone, but anyone can refuse it or throw it away.

You can refuse it by not choosing to receive His love. You can throw it away by not living by His principles. You can refuse it by not believing that you were created for a definite, major purpose.

This freedom wasn’t given as a handout-the same way that the freedom our country has wasn’t secured without great cost.  Someone gave up His place in a Kingdom to wage a war against evil, to come live with the commoners, and to show them how to live life victoriously.

Not only that, He gave His life to free the commoners.

And since He’s an extravagant One, His death also made so they were no longer commoners but royalty, co-heirs of the Kingdom with Him!

How’s that for freedom?

This freedom can’t be taken away, but it can be refused.

If you refuse it or throw it away, you don’t realize the value of what you’ve been a recipient of.


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