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God’s Random Hugs

Have you ever felt like you just received a random but impacting hug from God?

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A few years ago as I was putting on my makeup, I was feeling bummed because my favorite eye shadow was empty. It had been empty and gone for quite a while already! The only reason I hadn’t bought a new one to replace it was that the dollars were rarely topping the expenses of the months. This had been going on for a while, too, unfortunately. We were pinching and going without everywhere that we could, and eye shadow just hadn’t been making the cut in our priorities.

I knew that season wasn’t going to be forever (at least in my best moments, I believed that!), but I remember just feeling bummed about not being able to even afford my favorite eye shadow, as small as it was in relation to all of life.

(small back story) I order my makeup online from a company that I also buy other products from. They carry a huge variety of products, not just makeup.

Fast forward, I don’t know several weeks? A couple months? I really don’t remember, and I don’t remember if I specifically asked God for the eye shadow. But He was up to something.

One day I opened up the box my shipment came in and started unpacking it. In the bottom was a small box that they always ship makeup in-only I hadn’t ordered any makeup. I quickly checked my invoice to see if it was on there and checked the website to see if it was somehow on my order. Because how many of you know, when you don’t have extra cash, accidentally ordering something isn’t very fun?! There was nothing extra on either of those. I opened up the box to see what was actually in it. You guessed it-my favorite eye shadow! I called the company to tell them that I had received it but not asked or paid for it. After asking multiple questions, she kindly told me that I was able to keep it-it was the company’s mistake, and I didn’t need to fix it!


Yes, I got my eye shadow as a complete surprise and didn’t pay a dime for it. It felt like a giant God hug!! It was as if He was grinning at me and saying, “I really do see and care about what’s going on in your heart. I even care about the fact that you miss your favorite eye shadow. I care enough that I’ll blow your socks off by sending you the very exact one that you are wishing for out of all the color options they could have put into your order!”

No, this hasn’t happened every time since then that I practice delayed gratification. No, I don’t have the answers in neat formulas about why, when, how or where He chooses to give these random gifts.

But I do know this-I know He sees me. I know He loves me, and I believe with all of my heart that He wants only what is best for me.

I’m loved by the Creator of the universe, and that’s kind of a big deal!!!

I’d love to hear your God hug story!  Tell me about it in the comments!

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