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Grace Is What??

God has been teaching me about grace and what living in grace looks like.   Because I so wanted more understanding about what living in grace means, one night as I climbed into bed, I asked Him to teach me about grace as I slept.  The next morning as I climbed out of bed, I remembered what I had asked for.

“Daddy, what did you teach me about grace?”

“Grace is rest.”

“Grace is WHAT??”

“Grace is rest.”

Oh.  Oh!  That’s powerful.  Grace is rest.  Grace is rest.


It’s not trying to become better in my own effort and strength.  It’s not trying harder or setting a new goal to crush.

Grace is resting in and receiving what Jesus did for me, believing that THAT is enough to make me righteous.

Grace is rest.

It’s abiding in the vine like Jesus taught in John 15.  When it’s connected to the vine, fruit grows naturally.  It doesn’t put forth a lot of effort to grow; it simply abides.

As I abide in Jesus by staying in close relationship with Him, the fruit of the Spirit will naturally grow in my life, and I will become more and more like Jesus.

What are you learning about grace and rest right now?  I’d love to hear your stories!

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