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Moments and Choices

OK, y’all, it’s time to be really real.  I made some not so great choices last night.

Yesterday as I was reading and praying, I sensed God saying to be grateful EVERY step of the journey I’m on.  I really do want to live gratefully.  I don’t want to miss NOW because of looking back into my past with regret or because of looking forward in anticipation for the future.  I want to be fully present NOW.

Yesterday went nothing like I thought it would.  Honestly, when my plans took a hard right, I rolled with it, and it was no big deal.  But last evening when there were only a few more hours in my day and I assessed what still “needed” to be done, I didn’t do so good.  Not so good at all.

I didn’t step back and rest and ask what was priority right now.  I didn’t choose joy and gratefulness.

I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and worked hard.  I became frustrated with kiddos being kiddos, and my kiddos are smart.  They knew it.  I only saw what didn’t get done-not what did.  And my smart kiddos knew that, too.

It’s not the way I want to end my day.  It’s not the way I want to live my life.  It’s not the way God intends me to live my life.  He gave the Ultimate so I wouldn’t need to end days that way.

I have lived long enough and grown enough that I know that some seasons in life are harder than others.  I understand that there are easier ways and harder ways to live in those seasons.  I have experienced both.

I know that living in a hard season is much easier when I choose gratefulness and rest.

I even know it for this season.

But last night I lost sight of the importance of choices in THIS moment.  A season of life is made up of MOMENTS.  Choosing gratefulness and rest in the moments is what sets the pace for how the season is lived out.


Choices I make in the moments are what shape the season.

This morning in getting up, enjoying the beautiful morning, drinking my coffee, talking with Jesus, I found His grace.  His grace extended thru His pierced hand, and His words swirling around me, “My grace is sufficient for you.  Remember, my strength is made perfect in weakness.  Deal or no deal?”  His grace that gives me the strength to even receive it . His grace that is extended every moment, every day, but I need to choose to reach out and grasp it.

His grace.  His love.  His peace.  His rest.


My hard work.  My frustration.  My agenda.  My fear.

Will I accept His offer?  Deal or no deal?

That’s a no-brainer.  Really.  It is.

My choices in each moment is what it breaks down to.  Each moment reaching out for His grace and choosing His way.



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