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The Importance of Things We Can’t See

Are there very many things I can’t see that are important?

This morning I was sitting on my patio while the world was waking up. There was a slight breeze blowing, birds were singing, kittens were playing beside, under, all around me. 🙂 My coffee tasted delish!

The Word of God was alive and filling as I read it. I felt so grateful to be alive, so grateful for the provision of God, so grateful for His new mercies for this day, this moment. As I was sitting and talking with God, I began to think about all that was going on around me. All my senses were stimulated, awake, drinking in the beauty of the morning around me.

But as I was refreshed by the morning, I began to think about the things going on around me that weren’t visible.

The beating of my heart.

The air I was breathing.

The wind in the trees.

The Friend I was communicating with.

I couldn’t point to the spot where any of these were so I, or anyone else for that matter, could see them, but I saw the evidence and benefited from all of them being there.

It made me think of the verses in I Corinthians 12 where Paul talks about believers functioning as a body. He pointed out that we tend to put greater honor on certain parts, mostly parts that we can see, but that we can actually live without some of these parts that we honor but can’t live without some of the organs that we can’t see and don’t honor or hardly even think of.

“If you had to choose wouldn’t you prefer good digestion to full-bodied hair?” (vs. 24 MSG)

It made me realize how important things are that I can’t see-like my digestive system working well, my heart being strong, my joints working smoothly, my immune system fighting off disease. I rarely think about these things working well, but when they don’t, I sure notice! And it’s true-given a choice, I’d rather have healthy internal organs than a head full of gorgeous hair, strong nails, and fabulous abs…though these things I’d accept as well! 🙂

I’ve been learning recently that when I take better care of my body internally, more of the things that I can actually physically see function and look better as well.

Things that are seen work and look better when I take care of things that aren’t seen.

I feel like there is spiritual truth here that applies as well, but I don’t fully understand it yet. I’m thinking that there’s most likely a multitude of things that I can’t see that are very important in my life. I feel expectant that God is getting ready to wake up my senses to things that are more important than all the things in front of my face every day.

“Daddy, open my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my mind to understand the things that You are wanting to show me! You are so radically, abundantly, extravagantly good and faithful! Thank you, Daddy!”

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