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It’s Not Too Late

Have you ever had a day with your kiddos that makes you want to hit restart? 

Days that feel like from moment 1, you could not do or say anything that was right for them, and they, by the way, know much better than you do what should be done.

Days that make you want to shake some sense into the people around you, because it seems that no one understands where you are coming from or why you think the way you do.

Here’s a shocker-I’ve had days like that!  I’ve felt incredible frustration with knowing what to do to make anything better, how to help the process along, how to bring in sanity and understanding to someone who seems to have lost their mind for the moment! 

But I’ve also been on the other end. 

I’ve felt like I have no understanding of why the things happening around me were happening, no idea what step to take next, no concept of why what I meant to accomplish didn’t happen. Days when I felt like I got out of bed blowing it.

Both ends are frustrating and leave me feeling like an utter failure.

Several days ago, God gently brought me a moment of redemption.  He showed me how He perceives me when I’m blowing it, when I just don’t get it, or think I know better than He does. 

He reminded me that, even when the days happen with my kiddos that make me want to go into hibernation for life, I don’t cut off relationship with them.  I may be frustrated and angry, but I don’t stay that way.  I keep trying to engage them in relationship, keep on showing them that I love them, keep teaching them how to do life.

He does the same thing with me.

He lets me bumble along on my own without severing relationship.

He doesn’t move away or cut off relationship with me.  He keeps trying to help me understand how to do life well and why His way is the best way.

My craziness and stubbornness don’t change the fact that I’m His daughter; His love and delight for me never leave.  His love and grace are still available.  His forgiveness is waiting.

And the moment that I start receiving again everything that He has for me, He gently takes me by the hand and leads me along.

I’m not cut off.

It’s not too late.

There is time and grace and ability for change.

He’s not finished. He’s never finished.

He’s always there, ready to lead again.

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