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On Letting the Peace of God Rule My Heart

Recently I’ve been reading and studying in Colossians 3 quite a bit. Several days ago I was asking what it means to “let the peace of God rule in my heart.” (vs.15.)

As I was thinking about that, several other verses came to mind as well-

“Great peace have they who love Thy law and nothing shall offend them.” (Ps. 119:165) Most translations of this verse say “nothing makes them stumble.”

“I’m leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled [or cowardly].” (Jn.14:27)


When my heart and mind are focused on earthly things instead of heavenly things, I don’t have God’s peace or the ability to rest, to trust. I’m only happy when things are going the way I think they should be going or when I can see that things are working out without my needing to get out of my trust comfort zone.

If my heart is in tune with the Father’s heart, if I’m believing what He says about me, if I’m keeping His promises at the front of my mind, I won’t stumble in my walk with Him when things happen differently than I thought they would.   I won’t react with frustration and fear. My peace and joy will stay intact.

Abraham wasn’t offended when he heard God ask him to sacrifice Isaac-he trusted God to keep His promise.

Mary trusted God with His word that she would have a son, the Messiah, when it made no physical sense. She knew and believed Jesus was the Messiah throughout His life even when it looked completely different from what she and the rest of the Hebrew world had expected their deliverance to be like.

They weren’t offended because they trusted God. They believed He was faithful. They trusted He would come thru for them. They chose peace.

Peace. I get to choose it today no matter what the day holds. I get to be at rest in my heart and mind when I recall His love and faithfulness. I can stay secure in His Word, His love, and what He says about me even when things aren’t perfect.

I am cared for. I am loved. I am His.

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