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Lies and Excuses

I’m so quick to buy into “little” lies that became incredibly debilitating.



  • I can’t do that until…
  • I can’t be victorious in this part of my life until…
  • I can’t be patient with this situation unless…
  • My life doesn’t make a difference unless…

No. Just positively no.
Jesus took care of all.that.lack.
All those lies and excuses.

I have enough because His death was enough.
I AM enough because His death was enough.

“Jesus, thank You so much for Your perfect sacrifice for me! Thank You that You took care of everything I need in order to live a blameless and victorious life. I am complete in You; I lack nothing because of You.”


What lie of lack needs to be replaced with truth for you today?

If you need more truth about how completely enough God is for you, read more here.

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