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Life Is Hard-Rest Should Be Easy

        It’s no secret that rest is something that we all need, but it seems we often find it to be elusive.  Whether it’s because of adjusting to a change in our lives, scheduling our days and nights too full, or just simply not making rest a priority, as a culture, we don’t seem to take it seriously that we need to rest. 

        When is the last time you talked to someone who told you their plan for the day or evening was to rest?  Or someone opts out of something because of needing to rest?  We might buy a frappe or brew a pot of coffee or chug an energy drink, but opt out for rest??  It seldom seems to happen. 

        Somehow we are afraid to admit that we need or are going to rest.  Is it only me who is afraid that if I say I’m going to rest, the people hearing me will think I’m lazy or a slacker or making an excuse to not do what (they think) I really should be doing?

        What is rest anyway?  A few definitions are-

1)  Freedom from activity or labor

2)  Motionlessness or inactivity

3)  Peace of mind or spirit

        I also looked up the definition of restoration since it seemed closely related to rest.  “Renewal” and “the state of being restored” were definitions I found.  It seems that the goal of resting is restoration, yeah?

        Am I the only person who longs to feel restored sometimes?  Who wishes that I had a default setting to know when to schedule rest?  Or wishes that the days were longer so I’d have time to rest? (Yeah, right!  I’d plan my days fuller yet!)

        And what about days when I don’t have things scheduled, am home all day, but still don’t feel restored?  What’s up with THAT?!?

        This morning I woke up and took the liberty to hang out right there in bed talking with Jesus.  I was asking Him some of these questions I have about rest, what it is, and what He means for it to be and do.

        I mean, I figured since Matthew 11:28-30 are written in red, He has a plan and thoughts on rest.  Just a thought. 😉 So I asked.

        And these are the thoughts that dropped into my spirit.

        “Rest is getting with Me about your schedule, your day, your plans-listening for My direction and then following thru on My guidance.  Rest is being with Me, hanging out with Me in every part of your day; it’s not a lack of action.”

        Deep breath in.  Deep breath out.  I’m feeling freedom.  And rest.  Blessed rest.

        Rest is BEING with Jesus.

        It means I can have a lazy day but still not be resting if I’m not being with Jesus.

        It means I can rest if I have a day packed full from morning to night with things that Jesus is saying I’m to do that day.

        Shocker!!!  It means I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and still be in rest if Jesus has been the One taking me to those places!

        Rest from one day to the next will likely look completely different if I’m only looking for it with my natural eyes.  I’m thinking that the rest Jesus talks about in Matthew 11 is not so much an outward something I see but an inner something I carry.  Something that, when I carry it well, will draw others to it.  And “it” is being with Jesus.

        This is really pretty basic to what I want in life anyway-being with Jesus.

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