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About Life Jackets and Processes

All you parents out there, don’t you love the funny conversations that you have with your kiddos sometimes?  Sometimes they are just too hilarious!

I had a quick, comical moment with Adrian tonight.  He walked into the kitchen and randomly said, “I just can’t believe that my new friends I made can’t swim without life jackets!” 

For the record, we didn’t go swimming today or yesterday or even last week.  I have no clue why swimming was going around in his head.  

After asking him a little about swimming with life jackets and new friends, I discovered his train of thought.  He was thinking that the fact that he started jumping into the shallow end of the pool by himself and being not panicked about his head briefly going under water when he did, he fancies himself a pretty darn good swimmer.  He felt quite accomplished, really. 

I didn’t offer that these things actually qualify him as a superb splasher, not a swimmer.  I only affirmed him that, yes, he did make some big strides by not panicking when his eyes got wet.  And jumping into the water by himself-amazing! 

The whole interchange got me to thinking. 

He made progress.  Important progress.  He needs to be encouraged in his accomplishment, for sure.

But in his mind, he’s practically mastered the whole deal of swimming and might be ready for his first Olympics. But the truth of the matter is, he’s got a lot of developing left to do before he’s close to ready for that!

I do the same thing though.  I learn something new, get better at something that I’ve been working on, and then expect to have the brilliant results in 2, maybe 3, days.  At the most 2-3 weeks!

Problems solved!

Breakthrough accomplished!


I know that life is a process of learning, growing, becoming stronger and better and more mature in my walk.

I know it.

Often in the middle of the process of learning and growing, I let myself get frustrated when things take longer than I wish they would. 

My son didn’t learn all there is to know about swimming in one day.  I didn’t even expect him to.

I don’t learn all the things that I need and want to learn in one day either.  And that really is just ok!

Stay posted!  Who knows what I’ll learn from “the mouth of babes” next!

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