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Love Like an Ocean

I love how God is so creative and out of the box in the ways that He meets and teaches us!  He showed me that His love is like an ocean in an unexpected but so very fun experience one morning when I was hanging out with Him.

To give you a bit of a back story, I’ve always loved to watch water shows with orcas and dolphins and would absolutely love to swim with dolphins sometime!

“God’s love for me is like the oceans. If I spent the rest of my life exploring the oceans, diving to the depths, exploring all the reefs…I wouldn’t scratch the surface of all there is to see on the ocean FLOORS of this planet! Much less everything between the surface of the ocean and its floor!! God’s love is like that-I experience it every day. But I haven’t begun to realize the expanse of it. It’s like I haven’t graduated from kindergarten in experiencing His love, but He’s offering me a Master’s degree in it! It’s time to graduate from kindergarten and move into first grade, and that’s only the beginning!”


Several days after journaling this in my quiet time, God showed me in an awesome, crazy way how much He wants to show me His love. He’s a very “outside of the box” God, and I’ve learned to love it!

I was singing with the worship team at church on a Sunday morning. We were singing Jesus’ Culture’s song “One Thing Remains.” As we started in on the words, “Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me,” in my spirit, I was suddenly on the nose of an orca riding through the ocean, and it was as though he was dancing in worship with me riding on his nose! We were literally dancing in the ocean of God’s love, going up and down, twisting and spinning. The whole time, I was laughing, and my heart felt so full of God’s love for me, His delight in me, His joy flooding my heart. It was amazing!

God created each of us purposefully – not randomly.  Purposefully.

God created each one of us uniquely with different ways of receiving His love. He knit us together, and He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows exactly how to show each of us how much He loves us! For you, dancing on the nose of an orca might not stir up your heart at all! But Jesus know EXACTLY how to show you His love in a way that there’s no doubt how He feels about you!

I’m praying for YOU to experience His love in a fresh way today! He loves YOU! He created YOU with a specific purpose in mind, and He made YOU with everything you need to fulfill that plan!

Live a FULL life today-“FULL in the fullness of GOD,” your Daddy!

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