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“Love Looks Like Something”

Last week my 4 year old little man made a new friend. He was an adult friend. Adrian got to see and be with him several times over the course of the weekend. I watched them connect. I saw how his new friend paid attention to whatever little detail Adrian wanted to tell him about, saw how he took the time to connect in many little, seemingly insignificant, ways.

But Monday morning, Adrian said something that has been echoing in my head for the last several days. And the echoes have made me think long. Think real. Think with intention.


He said, “I know my new friend loves me.”

Not “I think…” Not “Do you think…?” But “I know…”

He felt the evidence. He saw the evidence. His heart knows it, feels it.

In my 10 years of being a mom, I don’t remember any of my kiddos saying anything like this with that amount of certainty.

And, wow, has it made me think!

I was reminded of Heidi Baker’s quote, “Love looks like something.” Love isn’t just a warm, cozy feeling-it looks like something. Read more about Heidi’s ministry here.

I can say “I love you,” but can my kiddos, my hubby feel my love?

I can say “Thank you,” but do they feel like I wish they would have done it just a bit more carefully, more thoroughly?

Do I create a safe place for them to be who God created them to be, for them to tell me their feelings and ideas? Do they know that they can never screw up so badly that I won’t still love and forgive them?

What does love look like in me? Does it mirror God’s love? Or does it look controlling, conditional, and situational?

I can say “God, I want more of You,” but is it evident to people around me that I’m pursuing Him and relationship with Him rather than my own agenda?

I can say whatever I want to say or whatever I think people want to hear me say, but is there enough evidence in my actions and responses that they know without a doubt that what I’m saying is really true?

Love looks like something. It just does. Does my life look like love?


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