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Make Mistakes Not Excuses!

Have you ever heard anyone say that they have a goal of failing? I haven’t, but I’m starting to think that maybe we should have goals to fail!  I’ve been thinking about the principle of not doing the things that we know to do, because I came across this last week.

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:17

James doesn’t say that it’s sin to fail; he says it’s sin if we don’t do what we know to do!

Reading this made me feel like I should make a goal to fail as fast and as often as I can! The faster and more often I fail, the more quickly I’m going to be learning about what to do and not do to be successful in life!  If I take it low and slow, everything will happen slowly, I won’t gain momentum, and I won’t learn what works and what doesn’t.  Everything will take much longer if I try to avoid failure. 


This doesn’t mean that I should make rash or stupid decisions!  It does mean that I go for what feels and seems right! If it works out, great!  If not, I’ve learned something that doesn’t work and most likely will have an idea of how to tweak it so that it might work. 

If I don’t try anything, I’ll never know what does or doesn’t work!  If I wait around for the North Star to be lined up with half of the rest of the stars and my feelings are in full courage mode, nothing will ever happen.

The secret is in going after something without being afraid of failing.  Failure will teach me more than anything else.  Failure is my friend.  It gives me so much information and guidance about what to do next. 

It’s practically second nature to make excuses, to take the easy way that doesn’t take hard or uncomfortable decisions, to stay in my comfort zone instead of moving out of it.

 I know I make mistakes in every area of my life and that there is grace to cover my weaknesses.

However, excuses are different from weaknesses, and I’m not so sure that grace covers excuses!  Weaknesses are places that I’m not yet strong or capable in; excuses occur when I decide not to try to become stronger or more capable.

Excuses are also different from mistakes.  When I make a mistake, I’ve been doing something and just got it wrong.  Most times when I make excuses, I’m not doing anything because I’m making excuses of why I can’t or won’t do whatever it is that I should be doing. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but people who are getting things done and moving ahead in their life aren’t making excuses.  Their life is lived intentionally and with purpose, and they know that making excuses is going to slow them down.  They move ahead with purpose believing the answers they need will come to them.

Go out there and get after it!  Seek out your answers!  Move on what you know to do today! 

Make some mistakes, not excuses!

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