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Mental Whiplash

Have you ever felt like you are living in a season of extremes?  Feeling one minute like you could conquer the world and the next like you couldn’t make a difference for one little person who lives in your house?  Much less the world?

I have.  In fact, I feel like I’m a season like that right now. Not that I want to or like it or don’t know what to do about it, but I find myself whiplashing myself a lot.

And who likes to experience whiplash???  It’s especially annoying when you are the one whiplashing yourself.  Just sayin’.

I have moments of utter gratefulness for my life, my family, the people around me, HUGE answered prayers, peace.

Then, without bothering to notify myself of the change in focus, I realize that I’m feeling anxious, doubtful that concerns I have can be resolved.  I feel stuck and clueless and frustrated.

Talk about WHIPLASH that leaves me feeling exhausted and super cranky.  I’m not a fan.

These are the times when I don’t want to pick up a pen and grab my journal. I don’t want to process on paper because it never looks nice to read when I’m finished venting. 

But you know what I’ve discovered?  This is what I need to do!  (Even if the evidence is obvious-I NEED HELP.  Guilty as charged. )  Grabbing a pen and writing down exactly what I’m feeling and frustrated about helps me to process what’s really going one.  It helps me to see or understand better what I’m dealing with.

Back to the whiplash.

I’m whipping myself between peace and fear.  Rest and anxiety.

No one else can be blamed for my being exhausted and cranky.  I’m making choices that are leading to these feelings. 


My choice of focus is leading to my result of feelings. 

When I focus on what God has done, I feel gratefulness, peace, and trust. 

When I focus on what I think needs to happen but hasn’t, I feel anxious and discouraged.

Whiplash.  It stops the minute I manage my focus.

My feelings follow my focus.

No More Mental Whiplash. 


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