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New Years Goals-Fantastic or Failing?


Yes, I’m thinking about goals-goals that I thought about around New Years but didn’t actually get around to finalizing until several weeks later.  Now it’s several weeks past the time that I actually wrote them down, and I’m assessing. 

Several years ago now, I got rather burned out with the “hype” around New Year’s resolutions and how it seemed like the resolutions that people made, including myself, set us up to fail. 

In fact, I found myself feeling anxious and pressured just at the thought of the New Year coming up and knowing that I “needed” to make resolutions for it. I felt like a failure before I even made the resolutions, because with lots of Christmas activities to help plan, make food for, and go to, plus 4 young children, who had time or energy to think and brainstorm about resolutions? 

Were there things in my existence that I wanted desperately to change?  Were there things that I wanted to get better at?  Oh, my, YES.  But I didn’t have a 10 step plan to achieve those things; I just knew that I wanted them to happen. 

But what I discovered is that New Year’s resolutions are like any other change.  There is no magic in a New Year’s resolution.  Just because it’s my New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean it’s easier to change my habits.  A New Year’s resolution only becomes a result or a new reality by changing how I think and how I do life. 

God created us to want to learn, to get better, to become wiser, and to GROW.  I desperately want that, so don’t think that I’m against being intentional about changing.  I’m not at all. 

I’m just being real about how life works and change happens.

Change is good, but it’s not usually as easy as simply saying, "I’m going to change." 

Change is needed if we want different results.  Unless we are completely satisfied with how our life is at the present, ShiftYourNormal (ha!) will need to happen at some point.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.  I know, a revelatory thought.

How are you doing with the things that you looked at, were dissatisfied with, and made plans to change at the beginning of 2015?  Are you feeling depressed or tired because you feel like you’re already bombing on half of the things that you resolved to work on? 

My suggestion is this-don’t bother being depressed or feeling “less than”!  Instead, check the progress you have made.  Tweak your goals to better fit what is realistic for you if you have overcommitted.  Please don’t quit stretching yourself, but if you need to tweak, that’s ok.

I believe that God loves when we want to grow and become healthier, stronger people in whatever area that we are endeavoring to grow in. 

I have a thought, though.  If God is asking us to do something, and we avoid it because it looks too hard, scary, “what would everyone think??” or whatever reason we come up with, and instead go off doing our own thing, even if what we are doing is “good,” He is dishonored.  And we are disobedient. We are making our life harder for ourselves than it needs to be.

What if we asked Jesus what He wants to do in our lives this year? What if we yield to Him in the places He’s working to change us?

I think if we focus each day on what God is putting in front of us right now, this moment that we can learn from or do better at, if we focus on growing more obedient each day, we are living the way that Jesus meant for us to live. 

So if you’re tempted to get sucked into a hole of feeling like changing is hopeless, growth is impossible, or failure and disappointment are imminent, stop and get with your Daddy.  Ask Him what He’s saying to you right now about what His dreams are for you, what He’s doing in you.  Ask Him what your next step should be.

He’s going to be with you every step of the way!

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