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On Your Way Or In Your Way?

“Careful!  I’ve put a huge stone on the road to Mount Zion, a stone you can’t get around.  But the stone is me!  If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me on the way, not in the way.”  Romans 9:33

God is a potential stumbling block.  I know, it hit me upside the head, too.

He is everywhere.  He can’t not be everywhere! 

Because He is everywhere, we will run into Him, especially if we’re looking for Him.  If we’re not looking for Him, we may end up on our face in a mudhole thinking that it was a rock (something that didn’t turn out the way we thought it would, people are against us, God doesn’t love us like He does others, we are under attack or unlucky) that tripped us up.  The fact is, it might have been God.  No, He wasn’t just trying to be mean by sticking out His foot to see if we’d see it and avoid it.  He just is everywhere.  He has laws in place that, if ignored, bring consequences that we don’t think that He should give us.  He doesn’t give the consequences.  We choose them; they are a result of the choices we make.

We are living in His space.  He has the right to set the rules for his house, just like you have the right to set rules in yours.  He’s so big and His laws are so set in perfect place that we bring consequences on ourselves when we disobey or ignore him.

So that “big rock” that sent me sprawling?  It just might have been God and His principles that I ran into.  I may have been so busy doing my own thing, even a “God project,” that I didn’t even notice it was Him. 

I thought it was a rock.

If God is in my way, I’m not listening to His principles somewhere in my life.  He’s in my way because His direction is something other than what I want to do, and I don’t want to give up what I want, believe, etc.

If I find Him on my way, He’s bringing direction and guidance for my life, and I’m following His guidance.

Let me give you an example out of my own life.  A number of years ago, I was in a service and responded to the invitation for prayer over my life.  As the lady who had spoken that evening prayed for me, she, out of the blue, started praying for healing over my glands and hormones.  I had known that I had a few things going on in my body, but I hadn’t talked with her about them at all.  She prayed healing over me and then told me that I should pay close attention to what God is telling me about rest and my diet. 

The next morning, I woke up feeling weak as a kitten.  I literally could barely cut through the sausage hubby had fried for breakfast.  I didn’t feel sick at all; in fact, my body felt so peaceful and “clear” and calm!  But I was so weak and tired, as if I’d been sick for a long time and needed to build my strength back up.  Turns out that is exactly what it was!  I had been “sick” hormonally for so long, and God was restoring my body.  All symptoms of hormone imbalance were GONE!  I felt great!!!

But I neglected to follow up like my friend encouraged me to-I didn’t ask Jesus many questions about rest or diet.  I felt fine!  Silly, silly girl!! 

I don’t remember exactly when a few symptoms started showing up again here and there.  They weren’t constant like they had been, but they started popping up every once in a while. 

I was pretty convinced the enemy was trying to steal my healing.  He steals, kills, and destroys, right?  Jesus came so that we could have life in abundance, so there was no way this was from Him!  I claimed my healing again and prayed Jesus’ blood over my body.

Taking a little detour for a moment…I’m not saying that I don’t think that Satan ever tries to steal good things from us that God has done.  I’m not saying that at all.  But I do think that sometimes we use that as our reason or excuse to explain why something negative is happening instead of taking responsibility for our own choices.

End of detour.

I would try to rest more when symptoms showed up, but I didn’t establish rest as a lifestyle.  And I still wasn’t paying much attention to my diet. 

Recently, I came across a quote by Graham Cooke.  Here it is-

Whatever God opens up in freedom must be established in lifestyle.  If it’s not established in lifestyle, you will lose that freedom as sure as we have death and taxes!”

I was given freedom-freedom from hormone imbalance and gland fatigue.  While I rejoiced in my freedom and gave God all the glory for it, I didn’t bother changing my lifestyle like I had been advised to. 

So I ran into consequences-a rock.  Those consequences are NOT what God wanted for me (He had already healed me, hello!!!), but that didn’t keep the consequences from following me because of choices I had made.  If I had followed God’s guidance, I would have found Him on my way instead of in my way.

Our choices are a big deal.  For sure.

We can’t expect to live our lives however we want to and not suffer consequences when we live outside of God’s principles and guidance. 

He loves us; He wants only the best for us.  But if we choose to do life our way instead of His way, we’re going to run into “rocks” that are Him and His principles. 

Will you find Him on your way or in your way?

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