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Outstretched Hands

Last evening at VBS I saw what God can do with people when they show up with their hands out willing to help in whatever way they find to help. 

When registration started last night, we quickly saw that the number of kiddos was going to be way bigger than our online registration had shown-we almost tripled our number during registration!  I was in charge of crafts, and crafts last evening had quite a bit of prep work that my family and I had spent most of the afternoon prepping. 

About 15 minutes before start time, I went to the auditorium where all the kiddos were gathering.  I went around counting heads in order to start figuring out my back-up plan, because it was quite clear that I was going to need one!

It was crazy, yes, it was!  But like I said, when people show up with Jesus inside them and their hands out willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen, God can rock it out!  More chairs showed up, more product was bought and landed in the room, copies were made.

I don’t even know who all helped, and that’s the truth!  I remember asking someone to count heads and the prepped product while I introduced the craft to see how many more we needed when the second group of kiddos landed in their chairs.  That happened, and I quickly told him how to prep more product and more prepped product showed up. 

Team leaders landed behind the tables asking questions and helping their young charges to decorate and complete their Savannah Drums.  I even had one fabulous dude lead the kiddos in a drumming session when their drums were complete.  The kiddos of course loved it!

I don’t know how it all happened, and this morning I’ve had thoughts about “I should have done….to get help it go more smoothly,” but last night was very much a picture to me of doing what is right in front of you, loving people while you do it, and doing your best with what you’ve got.  Every kiddo who wanted a drum, left with one.

When everyone shows up with their hands out to help make something happen, it’s amazing what all can happen in a short amount of time!

I can’t help but think of how this needs to be the norm for believers.  It’s not just for VBS week; it needs to be our lifestyle!  Everywhere we go our hands need to be out to bless, help, encourage, and love.  If we all do this every single moment of every single day, I think God will blow our socks off with what He can do with our outstretched hands!!

What does He want to do with your hands today?

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