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People Long To Be Valued!

People want to be valued.  I’m learning it again.


The last little while, our family has been around a big “smorgasbord” of people. 


We were out of town last week with the business that my husband is in and stayed at a hotel for a couple nights. There’s always a wide variety of people at those events. (Can I just say-being in a hotel room with 4 kiddos is much easier when they are 10, 9, 6.and 5 than when they are 6, 5, 2, and 1!!! For sure, it’s easier.) 


On Labor Day, hubby and I helped at a concession stand our church had at a drag race event.  Again, there was a wide variety of people around.


I love meeting people, love being around people.  Something I have been learning was really driven home to me again over the last few weeks.


People want to be valued.  People want to matter.  People want to know that someone sees something about them that is good, is worthwhile. 


People are people are people!  From lil tottering one-year-old darlings, to people coming to concessions at a drag race, to whitetail farm owners, to lil Amish boys playing Uno with my boys, to hubby, to pastors, to…yeah.  Everybody.  They just want to feel valued; they long to feel like they have something to offer.


We ALL have something to give. Yes. ALL of us.


Even though I love being with people and getting to know them, it used to be hard for me to strike up a conversation with someone I didn’t know.  Here’s the truth of why that was.   I was more worried about what they would think of me than I was concerned about caring for and adding value to them.


And then there was a phase of not caring so dreadfully what everyone thought anymore, but I still wasn’t motivated by wanting to care for and add value to people.


God has been doing a healing work in me of living from my identity in Him and knowing who He says I am; and as He’s fixing that, I find myself sincerely wanting to add value to other people.  I’m learning that we are not in a competition.  We all have something to offer, and just because I bring something different from someone else doesn’t mean that what I bring is of less value. 


We all want to know that we matter, that someone sees something in us that is of worth. Something that the world needs.


Oh, sure, we may hide behind all kinds of excuses or denials or toughness or negativity, but when He made us, God put into us the desire to add value to the world around us.  


When someone sees the potential we carry and encourages us in it, it can be absolutely life-changing!


Here’s the challenge. I promise you that there are people around you RIGHT NOW that have untapped resources within them.  They may not even know the resource is there.  But when you see it, CALL IT OUT, for crying out loud!!!  We all benefit from it!


I dare you to see how often you can go out of your comfort zone, even out of your way, to encourage someone, to compliment someone, to help someone in whatever way they need help for the next 7 days.


By the way, do this to the people you live with, too.


Make a conscious effort to really SEE the people around you everywhere you go and sincerely SPEAK LIFE into them.


Here’s the deal, folks. There’s a hurting world all around us. We all have addictions, all have potholes that we manage to stumble into about every turn around the track, all have issues we’d zap out of our lives in a second if it’d be that easy!  


And truly, behind every dysfunction of our life and everyone else’s life, there’s pain and hurt from something, somewhere, behind it. 


We all need love and grace to cover that pain and hurt.


Let’s be real.   None of us can do this alone.  None of us have it totally.all.together at once.


None of us do.


So seriously.

Smile and make eye contact a lot!

Compliment people on their clothes, the job they did, the way you see them interacting with their children or co-workers or boss or…anyone!



Give a helping hand!

Give grace!

Give hope!

Give, give, give.

You know what you give comes back, right?

 We ALL long to be valued.

 Spread some value around a while!

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