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Persistence, the “Secret” Ingredient

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:14

Success and victory in life are attained by persistently following thru in the process of becoming stronger and better, of learning and implementing the things we’re learning.

We can’t expect to be winners in life by swallowing a magic pill or winning the lottery. 

Becoming a winner or producing something worth having only comes by training, tweaking, learning, and a HEAP of persistence.

A marathon runner only finishes the race after a whole lot of training and running before the starting gun sounds.

The training season is MUCH longer and TEDIOUS than the race!

A farmer only harvests a crop after preparing his fields, planting and maintaining the fields and equipment, and driving his harvester into the fields.

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The process of preparation and waiting before the harvest is MUCH longer than the harvest.

Winning only comes after the hard work of preparation and the commitment and persistence of doing the next right thing.

It may feel like where you are right now is a “pointless” season that isn’t moving you toward whatever it is that you feel called to or are passionate about.  DO NOT underestimate the season you’re in!  I’ve discovered that looking back over my life and the different seasons of it, I can see and better understand the things that I was learning then and how those lessons benefit me now.

NOTHING-no detail, no pain, no experience-of your life is wasted!  NOTHING!

So chin up! If a would-be marathon racer would give up 2 months into training or a farmer would throw in the towel several weeks after planting seeds into the ground, they would obviously have given up too early.

Persistence is key!  Don’t give up!

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