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POP That Bubble! Leave the Whole Sticky Mess!

Today I’ve been thinking about bubbles. Not so much bubbles as in blowing bubbles with gum or with soap.  Although soap bubbles are pretty cool, gum bubbles in hair and on clothes-maybe.not.so.much.

I’m thinking about bubbles as in "living in a bubble.”

Bubbles really have no mind or strength of their own.  They float to wherever the breeze takes them.  While that is fun and fascinating to watch when my kiddos are blowing bubbles, I’m kinda thinking  it’s not a great way to live my life. 

Often when we say that someone is living in a bubble, we’re referring to someone who is out of touch with reality, not connected to what is actually happening in a situation, or who doesn’t want to face the facts of what’s going on.  Most often, being told you are living in a bubble has a negative connotation.

Living in a bubble can be good if it means that we are living unaffected by less than fabulous circumstances in our life. It is really good to be able to live in a difficult situation without letting the difficulties affect our joy and peace.  This is a good kind of “living in a bubble!”

Recently I was in a conversation with someone. I can’t remember what the conversation was about, but I do remember thinking, "They are living in such a bubble." As I thought more about the conversation and why I thought they were living in a bubble, I started seeing bubbles in my spirit.  (When I say, “I saw them in my spirit,” this is what I mean.  I was in a place where there was absolutely no reason for bubbles to be floating through the air.  There was no one there blowing bubbles.  But when I looked up, I saw them in my mind AS IF they were there. I knew they weren’t there tangibly, but I saw them as if they were.) Because they felt so real but weren’t, I asked God if there was anything He was trying to tell me. That’s when I came SMACK UP against a wall of reality.

My comfort zone is a bubble. It’s a place that I like hanging out in, undisturbed, thinking the way I want to think, doing the things I like to do, doing them the way I want to do them. 

Moving out of one bubble is good, but it’s a sticky idea to move into another one!  Unfortunately, leaving one slimy though shiny bubble doesn’t mean that I will never be lured into the round comfort zone of another glossy orb!  

Bubble-hopping is not His great idea! 

Not living in a bubble is!

He challenged me about possibly having a bubble around me that needs to be popped.

He challenged me to consider that I may not always be loving others well because of my bubble being in the way.

He challenged me that even just the fact that I think others are living in a bubble might be enough evidence that I’ve got my own shiny, soapy, sticky obsession going on.

Do I blow whichever way the breeze of the people around me are blowing?  Or the breeze of my circumstances?   Do I just go with the flow, not standing for what I believe or know is right? 

Am I willing to let Him pop and get rid of the supposed safety and comfort of the soap bubble I think I want around me?

It’s pretty seriously flimsy and easily susceptible to damage anyway. 

I think I’d be better off without it…

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