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Procrastinating, Is It Worth It??

A few weeks ago, I cleaned a couple filthy windows in my house. They are two very old windows that are difficult to slide open. They are quite frankly ugly, and they are not tight enough to hold out cold air in winter or hot air in summer. One of them is between my kitchen and entry room, and the other is between my living room and entry room.

Apparently when the house was built, there was no entry room or garage attached. And when the entry and garage were added, the old, ugly windows weren’t replaced or taken out. These windows have driven me crazy ever since we moved into this house 4 years ago. They are, I repeat, ugly and in very awkward places.

When we moved into the house, some of my lovely friends came to help me clean it as the house had been empty for a number of months. One of my friends cleaned these windows for me, and when she was finished, I understood it had been a difficult job as the windows were so old and difficult to get to and open.   So really, honestly, I have been ignoring those windows for most of 4 years. Not because of being frustrated with trying to work with them but because of my perception of working with them.

For the last number of months, the one window had a sick, dark spider web between the window and the storm window. I tried a hundred times not to see it, to ignore it, to believe “If I don’t look at it, it’s not there.” After the web appeared, I may have tried a time or two very briefly to open the windows to be able to clean up the web, but I didn’t waste any time on really trying to open it, because well, I KNEW that the windows were almost impossible to open and really get clean. Or so I THOUGHT I knew.

A few weeks ago, I had enough! I couldn’t tolerate those windows anymore! So I talked to my dear hubby about them and asked if he could please help me figure out how to open them. He went straight over to them and in short order had them sliding back and forth! Literally in a matter of minutes both of those ugly, impossible windows were sliding almost, though not quite, effortlessly!

That morning, they got the best scrubbing they had had in 4 years. They were so shiny and clean, it was as though there was a mirror at the end of my living room and kitchen. (That’ll tell ya how dusty and dirty they were. YIKES!) I knew they were dirty, but seriously…wow. It’s wonderful! Both the clean windows and not having to ignore them anymore. 😉 photo

As I was cleaning those ugly, now shiny, things, I had a moment.

What are other way more important things in my life that need attention? Where am I choosing to ignore, or trying to ignore, where God is saying, “Look at this. Check it out. It needs your attention”? I may want to ignore it because of wrong thought processes. Or because of believing lies. Or because of just not taking the time to talk with Him or ask Him about them.

Things that are not nearly as complicated in reality as they are in my head.

Things that would be a fairly simple fix if I took the time to get with Jesus about them. Allow Him to give me the solutions and the steps to get there. Did it His way instead of pretending. It would save me the wasted energy of trying to ignore the pain and the questions.

All He wants is to bring healing. Wholeness. A new, better version of me.

Victory. Joy. Peace.

I think it’s worth it to stop pretending to ignore. The pain, hurt, and questions are there whether I face them or not. Healing will come if I get with Jesus; allow Him to come into the pain and bring His healing.

Where are you procrastinating and pretending that there’s a reasonably clean though ugly window in your life? What lies do you believe about that window? What steps can you take right now to start cleaning it?

He’s waiting to help us with these places, willing to wade into the messiness with us, willing to love and hold and carry us through them.

As I look at my clean windows, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s worth it to go there rather than procrastinating.

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