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Random Meetings and a Fabulous Christmas Album!

I love those times when you “randomly” meet people that end up staying in your life and keep blessing you every time you interact with them!

That is what happened several years ago when Jonathan and I met Justin Rizzo. 

To set the stage for the story, I need to back up a little. 

Jonathan and I started attending a "new for us" church in 2010.  The following year, we were invited to attend a leaders’ gathering in Wilmington with people we were getting to know from church.  We went, excited to get to know leaders from Agape better.  But God had another idea up His sleeve! 

At the end of the meeting Friday night, several people were introduced along with the ministry that they were involved with.  One of the people introduced was Robyn, a fabulous lady who started the House of Prayer in Wilmington.  My hubby remembered hearing stories thru Fox News about Glenn Beck visiting the Wilmington House of Prayer. So, in true hubby-fashion, he approached her after the meeting and started asking questions.  Long story short, we ended up at the House of Prayer getting to know Larry and Robyn and hearing their story for half the night!  We still love hanging out with them! 

A few weeks after meeting Robyn, she contacted us to let us know that there were a couple guys from IHOP-KC coming to Wilmington and recommended we come to spend the weekend there with them.  We did, and the rest is history!  Justin and Jonathan connected there and have stayed in touch ever since. 

Justin and his wife Naomi have been very active in the ministry of IHOP-KC for many years. Justin serves as a worship leader, singer, teacher, and songwriter while Naomi serves a singer and administrator in the house of prayer.  They are expecting a little princess to arrive in December! 

We are looking forward to sometime going to Kansas City to hang out with them there.   Read more about Justin’s story and what he is passionate about here.

Last year, Justin released a fantastic album, Christmas.  It’s a phenomenal blend of traditional and original songs, choirs, instrumentals, and orchestral songs with harmonies that have the ability to send delightful shivers up your spine.  The album is full of Justin’s heart for Jesus and his desire to see the fullness of the Kingdom come to earth! 

Here it is!  If you’re looking to add to your Christmas music list, it’s a must-have!

So summing up this post-

Never underestimate the possibility of randomly meeting someone who could be in your life for a long time!   You just never know how the people you meet will bless and encourage your life!

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