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Relax, Breathe & Focus – Don’t Let Life Drown You

I never took swimming lessons as a kiddo; I learned to swim in our backyard pool.  My siblings and I had many fun hours in that swimming pool! I can swim ok, but I am probably not the person that you want around if you’re drowning!

Why am I thinking about swimming in the middle of March?  Spring is definitely around the corner, but swimming weather is not!

I picked up a book last night entitled Swimming Lessons: How to Keep New Christians Afloat in a Sinking World.  I’m told it’s a great book on discipleship, and from the little I’ve read, I believe the opinion I heard is probably correct.  But I’m not thinking about discipleship either.

swimming lessons

I’m thinking about the feeling of barely “treading water” in life situations-limbs frantically churning the water, head tilted back, nostrils just barely above the surface.  The panic of not knowing if you will really survive.

That feeling you had at news that you didn’t want to hear, that situation that sideswiped you that you don’t understand and much less know how to navigate well, that commitment that is stretching you way out of your comfort zone and making you to absolutely, completely depend on hearing the Holy Spirit’s guidance to complete it. And you sure hope you know that you know that you are able to hear the Holy Spirit’s counsel!!

That feeling.  That feeling of trying to stay afloat.

Frantic hysteria. Panic. Survival.  These are the emotions we feel in water when we think we might not be able to keep our heads above water or reach the shore before we go under permanently.

But the frantic churning, the panic, the fight for survival-they feed into going under more quickly.  Relaxing and forcing yourself to take deep breaths of air will keep you above water. Fighting and panic will not!

I think there’s a definite life lesson we can take from survival skills in water-

Relaxing and taking deep breaths forces us to focus.  When we calm down and focus, truth and options are much easier to keep within our sights.  We see things that we can’t see when we are flailing in panic.  Taking deep breaths of truth will inflate our faith.  As we relax, we can focus on Jesus and what He says about our situation.

  • Relax in Him.
  • Breathe in His truth.
  • Focus your eyes on His.

The waves may not become smaller, the storm may continue to rage, but we are confident in the One whose gaze is locked with ours!

Relax, breathe and focus, then live above the crazy.


Are you feeling panicked, frantic, completely unsure that you will survive this storm, this unthinkable circumstance, this broken relationship?  Relax in Jesus, keep your eyes fixed on His, and breathe!  Breathe!  His truth and hope will inflate your faith, and miraculously, you’ll find yourself living above the crazy.


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