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Shift Your Normal-What It’s All About

So…Shift Your Normal…what’s that supposed to be about?  Why would we want to do that?

While staying in our comfort zone, doing things we have already learned to do, and not needing to put forth effort to stretch ourselves is comfortable and feels safe, it’s my opinion that life is too short to stay in one place. We may think that we are “holding our own,” but in reality, we are either growing or slowly losing our momentum.

Creating a Community of World Changers

#ShiftYourNormal is all about living an abundant, fulfilling, and powerful life.  It’s about tapping into who God meant for us to be when He uniquely fashioned each one of us, going after the things we were created to be and do from the foundation of the world.  It’s about being honest about our weaknesses and strengths-building up our strengths by continually learning and expanding our abilities and flexing our muscles where they are weak and need to be strengthened.

#ShiftYourNormal, at its core, is about not settling into life and going into cruise control mode, because, just like a car, when a life gets put onto cruise control and the driver checks out, there are too many variables that will keep it from going the same speed and same direction for very long.  A crash is inevitable.  A driver who isn’t paying attention will find himself beside the road with a car that won’t run because it ran out of fuel.  Hitting cruise control and checking out isn’t sustainable.

#ShiftYourNormal is all about being intentional with our lives, not making excuses, not settling for less than the best God has for us or living selfish lives, but becoming who we were meant to be and blessing everyone around us in the process!

I’m excited to take this journey with you!  I’m looking forward to learning together  and encouraging each other to take the next step we need to take to shift and become who God created us to be!

What steps do you need to take at the beginning of this year to get better results than you got last year?


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