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Diesel Fuel and Shortsighted Decisions

I filled up the car with fuel this morning, and when I was at the pump looking at the prices, I would’ve loved to fill up the tank with unleaded.  It’s only $1.85/gal. right now!

We drive a Jetta that requires diesel fuel, and I knew that to fill up the car with unleaded would be a very shortsighted decision!  It would have cost me way more in the long run even if unleaded is cheaper than diesel. The thought of what the final $ number would be filling up with unleaded was the only reason I was even thinking about unleaded instead of diesel.  It would have been a stupid thing to do to save several dollars, because obviously it would have caused major repercussions!

Isn’t it often tempting to make decisions looking only at the short term in our lives?  Sometimes we think we can defy the odds, deal with and manage the consequences, or may not even fully realize the impact of the faulty decisions we make.  The reality is that every decision we make will impact our lives in one way or another.

Almost every decision we make should be looked at from both the short and long term benefits or consequences.  If we live our lives by making decisions with only short-sighted objectives, we will most likely live in reaction, managing the consequences we keep running into from our quick-fix choices.

Filling up the car led to a lot of thoughts on the way I make decisions.  Who knew there would be so much brain food from a stop at a gas station?  

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