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The #1 Priority In Parenting This Summer

Where I live here in the Midwest, we have 4 seasons.  Or at least we used to.  Summer seems to be having an identity crisis here this year.  It has been quite rainy with lower than normal temps.  Being a chronic chilly bug, this has been testing my patience.  If you’re not a chronic chilly bug, now is not the time to tell me how you feel about this weather.

But back to where I was really going.  Seasons. 

We shift and adapt with the seasons here as they come and go-wardrobes change, the yard stops growing, the flowerbeds don’t need to be weeded.  With 4 kiddos, seasons sometimes creep up on me in the wardrobe department.  Unfortunately, they can’t wear flipflops and shorts all year long…

[note to self-who needs what before fall rolls in???]

If you’ve been paying any attention to my life or this blog, you know there were some big changes in our lives the first of the year. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about that here.) 

Those changes have definitely played into  our summer looking and feeling different on top of the weather being odd.  Sometimes I just want to call hubby and tell him I’m bringing all 4 troopers to the farm for him to put to work.  Sometimes I miss him coming in for lunch or taking the kiddos with him on errands or coming up with some crazy game that distracts them from whatever they’ve been doing.  Sometimes I have no idea what to do to take care of their boredom-especially on days when it’s been raining forever and “there’s nothing to dooooooooooo!”



They have made me dig deep to remember what I love about being a mom, how I really feel about the kiddos, my dreams for them, what I want life for our family to be like.

And what does all this have to do with seasons?

Our lives are made of seasons as well.  Jobs and schedules change.  People change.  Needs and abilities shift.

I find that it can be much harder to shift with my family and our changes than it is to shift with the seasons.  It seems like I can blunder along forever trying to make things work well in a new family season.

Earlier this week, I came across a blog post that struck a chord in me.  It was simple but so real.  Profound and so much what I want my kiddos to grow up knowing.  It took me back to the basics and helped me to refocus on what is important in my parenting. 

Here it is-One Thing Parents Must Teach Their ChildrenI’m pretty sure you should read it.  It’s a big deal.

If they get that message, other sources will confirm it for the rest of their lives. If they don’t, they’ll struggle to believe the overwhelming obviousness of God’s love.”        

I hope you are as encouraged as I was to keep pouring into the littles (and the bigs) around me.

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