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Truth for Life

I don’t know how you find it, but sometimes when I’m “in the moment,” I have a hard time keeping things simple and really seeing the bottom line of the issue at hand.  In those times, it’s incredibly helpful for me to stop, get away from “the moment,” try to remember the bottom line, and remind myself of the Truth that can be applied to the situation.


Here are some things I’ve been learning to apply in my journey-

  •     When I don’t feel confident in what I’m doing, I’ll choose to rest in my Strong Tower.
  •     When I’m tired, I’ll drink from the Living Water.
  •    When I’m distracted, I’ll run to Jesus to refocus my lens.
  •   When I’m disillusioned, I’ll choose to remember that life is a journey that we are all on-and we’re all on different places on the journey.
  • When I’m feeling negative in my mindset, I’ll choose to see the true, the noble, the reputable, the authentic, the compelling, the gracious, the best not the worst, the beautiful not the ugly.
  • When I feel alone, I’ll choose to remember that my Daddy is the Great I Am-constant, never-changing, there for me no matter what situation I find myself in.
  • When I feel trapped, I’ll choose to remember that I have been given eagle’s wings that allow me to live above my circumstances.
  • When I feel frustrated, I’ll choose to remember that my attitude and actions are the only thing that I can control or change, and I’ll change what needs to be changed there.
  •  When I feel powerless, I’ll choose to remember that in my weakness, He is strong!
  • When I feel uncertain, I won’t withdraw but will ask questions and do what I know to do.
  • When I have an accomplishment, I’ll choose to remember that “everything we have done, You have done for us.”

What about you?  I’d love to hear from you what you have learned to help you stay calm and focused on Jesus in times when it would be easy not to.  Please talk to me in the comments section!  I love conversation and hearing what you’ve learned/are learning!