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#Throwback Thursday on the Blog

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ transformation?  I sure do!  Whether it’s a life story, a remodeled/redone room, a new hair style, a tweaked recipe…I love to see and hear the results of a good transformation.

We moved into our current abode a bit over 4 years ago.  There are 2 bedrooms.  Do the math.  No, we don’t have kiddos sleeping in our bedroom.  Definitely not. 🙂

And if you’ve been following this blog with any intention, you know that we have 4 kiddos. 🙂  They are all in one bedroom.

When we moved into this house and  they all got moved into one bedroom, they were 6, 5, 2, and almost 1.  I was determined to make it work, because, well, the only other option was kiddos in my bedroom.  And I just wasn’t into that option.

They have done fabulously thru the different stages the last few years.

There have been some crazy times, like when Kiddo 3 got sick during the middle of the night and nearly doused Kiddo 4 who was sleeping in the bunk beneath her.  Ironically, Kiddo 4 is the only one who slept thru that episode.  Gah.  Not a favorite memory.

Kiddo 4 is our “consistently thru all stages” early riser.  The rest of them (I have NO IDEA HOW) managed to sleep thru all the early mornings when he figured out how to open his lower bunk gate/railing and dropped it to the hardwood floor.every.single.morning.  The rattling of the lock, the squeak of the hinges, the THUUUDD of the gate hitting the floor…  Yeah, I have no idea how they slept thru it every morning.  I surely didn’t.  Just sayin’.

But thru every stage, I didn’t like the look of their room.  I just kinda threw stuff up in there that they liked without having any plan.  I felt overwhelmed with trying to make a room look great with 4 kiddos in it including both genders with different interests.IMG_1681



But there came a time when I couldn’t take the randomness, the Littles were ready to be move out of crib-sized bunks, and the older kiddos needed some space.  And Mama Bear got really intentional about how in the world to make this room work and be fabulous in the process.

The best option we found for beds was double bed bunks.  I love them!  They work so well to make the room feel much bigger, and the kiddos love them!

When I thought of colors, I knew that I wanted something bright and fun but gender neutral, so I went with bright, aquatic blue and lime green with zebra print for the bedding.  (I still have some sham covers I’m not using…I keep thinking maybe I’ll be inspired to do something with them for the windows.  Any ideas you want to share??)

All of the kiddos love animals.

Kiddo 1 will sit for hours reading books with interesting facts and details about any kind of animal.  Sharks were his first love.

Kiddo 2 loves horses and dreams of owning one.

Kiddo 3 will go miles out of her way…that may be exaggerated ONLY slightly… to pet any dog or cat or bunny or horse or…any animal, I think.  This has tested her mother’s patience a time or 2…or twenty!  I think it may have tested the patience of some animals as well…

Kiddo 4 loves animal, too, but after a minute or two enjoying an animal, he really must move on so no grass grows under his feet or another exciting thing potentially happens without him.  (This may figure into the fact that he gets up first every morning and so determinedly figured out how to open his crib.  Side note.)

So we rolled with an animal-ish theme.

photo 2



The kiddos love their new beds and their room’s new facelift!  I’m pleased with it, too!

I’m waiting to hear all of your fabulous ideas for what to do with the sham covers…

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