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In Transition

That sums up our life right now.  In transition. 

On January 5, right after 2 weeks of Christmas, family here from out of town, many nights with tons of fun but only a little sleep, too many colds and some sickness, hubby started a new job. 

It’s a job that takes him out the door in the morning and brings him home late afternoon.  This is quite different from having him next door working on a farm and popping in for lunch, or the kiddos and I going there to join him.

It’s a job that is totally different from working on a farm, doing chores and maintenance.

It’s a job that we all are excited about, but it changes the landscape of our day a bit. 

He is working full-time as Administrative Pastor at the church we’ve been attending the last 4 years.  Suddenly, instead of grabbing his Carharts and boots as he goes out the door, he’s grabbing his laptop bag, water bottle, and coffee mug.  He’s doing fantastic at adjusting to his new schedule, is learning lots of new things, and is starting to better understand how things function at the office. 

At the same time and place, I started working part-time as Small Groups Pastor.  The change in “scenery” has been fun, and I’m loving learning new things.  While I’m loving it, when I look at the big picture, I could get a little overwhelmed!   There’s a lot of things to learn!!

I’m still a mom. Still a wife.  The laundry piles up.  The people in my house refuse to stop eating. The dust and grime insist on reappearing in the bathrooms and floors of the house.  School papers to be checked multiply by dozens, I’m convinced. 

In transition.  That’s me, right now.  I’m just over here trying to figure out the best way to keep all our heads not only above water, but also having fun while we learn to swim well in this new adventure!

If God puts our family on your heart, you should probably pray for us!

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