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Unleash the Power of Dynamite Questions!

What Kind of Questions Are You Asking?

Why do we ask “why” instead of “what”?

From 2 to 200 we tend to ask “why?”

As kiddos, we start by asking things like “Why can’t I have that toy?”  We move to “Why can’t I go with my friend to their house for the weekend?”  “Why can’t I be on the basketball team?” “Why wasn’t I accepted to the college that I dreamed of going to?” “Why didn’t the person I thought was the love of my life feel the same way about me?” “Why didn’t God save my baby?”  “Why didn’t God restore my marriage?” “Why did my children walk away from God?”  “Why are there so many people dealing with cancer?”

Why, why, why?

Our mental stance when we are asking why is often from a powerless, victimized mindset, a hopeless mindset.  Many times the root of asking why comes from a place of us insisting on understanding God. We think we need answers for why whatever is happening is happening. We demand answers and understanding for circumstances in our life.

I think a better question is “what?” “What can I change about this?” “What is God saying in this?” “What do I need to learn?”  “What can I do to make this better?”  “What don’t I understand about this that I need to?” “What am I learning from this?”

Asking what puts our mind in creative mode.  We start to think in terms of problem solving rather than just mucking around in our less than ideal situation.

There are good times to ask “why not?”

Benjamin Franklin asked, “Why not harness electricity?” Because he asked powerful questions, we have electricity at the tip of our fingers. 

If Henry Ford would never have asked why we couldn’t better use motors to provide transportation, we would all still be riding around in horses and carts.

The Wright brothers asked, “Why not tap into the laws of lift to make people fly?” As a result of their powerful questions, we can fly all over the world in a matter of hours.

Asking questions isn’t always a bad thing.  It can be a very good thing!  The kinds of questions we ask make all the difference.

A quote I have learned to love is “Questions are the doorway to revelation.”  When we ask good, powerful questions, we are opening the door to learn, to understand, to grow.

The questions we are asking today will set the tone for our mindset. 

Are we looking for solutions by the questions we are asking, or are our questions swirling us around in the muck of our situation?

What questions are you asking this morning?

Make them powerful questions, and unleash the creativity God put in you for helping to solve them!

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