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What Every Women Needs to Know on Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in case you are missing it. LOL  I love being a mom even though I was scared to death to become one.  I never enjoyed babysitting or teaching children’s Sunday School classes and was afraid that my feelings about those would translate over into being a mom. Ack!  I’m so glad they didn’t!

Me and the kiddos who made me a mom!

Me and the kiddos who made me a mom!

My own mother is a great mom and having a day to celebrate her and her influence not only in my life but the lives of my children is a wonderful thing!

This weekend thinking about Mothers Day has been a bit different for me.  I’ve been more aware of the fact that this day is a day to get through for a lot of women for various reasons.  Whether they are missing their own mom, have children who they don’t have relationship with, or are waiting to become a mom themselves-there are ladies who would just as soon disappear for the day and show up again tomorrow.

Having days to celebrate specific things/people is a 2 way street-some people are beyond blessed by the day, and others feel overlooked and forgotten.

Today I’d like to honor women everywhere.  Whether we have given physical birth or not, God has created women to carry life.  He put us together so that He can put new life into us. We incubate that life for a season, and then give birth to new life.  There is more than one way to carry life-many more ways!

He gifted us with His attributes of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of others, comforting them in the middle of their pain or heartache, calling out the strengths we see inside them, standing beside and interceding for their breakthrough.  We take care of wounds, carry the weak, fight for truth, bring order to chaos, make beauty from old and ugly things, bring gentle strength and courage.  We are passionate worshipers, go places that men can’t go like Queen Esther did, and change entire towns by bringing Jesus like the Samaritan woman did.

Women were created in a unique way to carry life.

The enemy of our souls steals, kills, and destroys.

When women carry life in the way we live, we are engaging in the most effective form of warfare against the enemy. His goal is to kill and destroy everything he can infect with lies!  But WE carry life!

My challenge to every woman is this-BRING LIFE to those around you by smiling at and laughing with them, encourage them when they’re down, speak truth to them when they’re hearing lies, raise them up, take care of their pain, help to bring order to chaos.  Change the atmosphere by bringing life.  Be courageous and do the things you’re called to do.  Applaud, support and encourage the people around you.

Let’s partner together as an army of life-carriers to BRING LIFE and not death to each other and the people around us!!!  The enemy is the one who tears down; we raise up.

So on this Mothers Day, here’s to all you wonderful, courageous warriors who mother in so many ways to so many people around you!  I pray blessing over all of you as bring life to the places and people that you influence!

Fight on and bring life!


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