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Why I Love Mondays & How to Live Believing

Mondays get a bad rap, but I like them.

Monday means we get a brand new start – a new day, a new week with unlimited possibilities to succeed and grow!

I journal, and I love when I get to start a new journal.  I feel anticipation about what I will be learning as I fill the pages.  Undoubtedly there will be difficult times that I wish I wouldn’t be experiencing as well as good times.  But over the years as I go back and read thru what I’ve written and learned, I find that the difficult times taught me valuable lessons, too, so I’ve learned (though I sometimes have lapses of memory for a few seconds…or weeks) to not let hard times completely derail me.


But back to Monday.

Mondays feel like getting a brand new journal to me.  It’s a new week, full of potential for learning new things, for getting better at being a wife, mom, and friend, for changing the world around me for the better.

It’s easy to remember the times that I blew it last week, the moments I’m not proud of, the things I wish I would have handled differently.  Remembering those, tho, is helpful only as I learn from them.  Beating myself up has no value at all.  Being real about my failures is good, but it’s only helpful if I learn how to handle situations better next time.

I listened to a podcast last week that rocked my heart.  I realized yet again how important my thoughts and beliefs are and that I had allowed doubt and questions to begin to define how I thought not only about myself and my future but also how I thought about my family.

Believing what the enemy of my soul wants me to believe rather than what Jesus says and died for is pure folly on my part. 

Jesus took ALL of my issues on Himself when He willingly went to the cross in my place. 

He died so I could be fully alive. 

He suffered so I could be free. 

He was broken so I could be whole.

For me to not live in the fullness of all that is as ridiculous as it would be for a homeless person to not move into a house given to him. 

My heart’s cry for this week is to live BELIEVING, not doubting.  To live CONFIDENT in God, not fearful. To STAND STRONG in His truth, not stumbling because of lies I’m letting linger in my mind.

To live believing – it’s what I want this week.


What are the things you wish hadn’t happened last week?  What can you change in yourself to make this week different, better, more full of grace and wonderful memories?

Take a few minutes to process what you want to be different and what you can do to make that happen.

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