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Winning at Life

What is holding you back from going after the opportunities in front of you? Why aren’t you wholeheartedly pursuing the dreams and ideas you’ve had? Why are you making excuses?

Too often we wait for the PERFECT moment, the moment we hope is coming when things all fall into place, the risk is low, and the roadblocks nonexistent.

^^ not.happening.^^

Sorry to be the one to burst your bubble.

Here’s something else to think about-why do stats show that many people that win the lottery lose the money they won in a matter of years?

Think about the differences in attitude and depth of character between an entrepreneur going after his dream or idea, studying his options, making calculated decisions, working hard, falling down and getting back up no matter how many times he needs to, and being willing change the way he thinks versus someone who buys a lottery ticket, goes about their day to day life, then discovers they have just won million of dollars.

Who has been stretched?
Who has been learning perseverance?
Who has learned to fail forward?

Which experience fosters growth?

Our generation has a lottery mentality about much of life. We want minimal work and little risk but instant results. Without work and risk, discipline, perseverance, and faith won’t happen. Without the pressure that comes from learning and changing the way we think, the strength of our character will be weak and have little depth.

When we don’t have good life principles and strong character traits established, success, at whatever level we think of success, will hinder us more than it will help us.

I think there are many similarities in winning the lottery and why the Israelites who walked out of Egypt never walked into the Promised Land. They refused to learn the things God was trying to teach them on their, what should been little, road trip. If God had let them enter Canaan, they would NEVER have taken over the land! They were whiners wanting easy access to what they thought they wanted, they were disobedient, they were afraid instead of trusting…the list could definitely go on.

If that generation of Israelites would have been given the go ahead to enter Canaan, the story would have ended with a definite, bloody massacre! They had no depth, no trust in God, no perseverance, no vision.

All of this in the face of plagues they had been delivered from and miracles they saw over and over. They “won the lottery” multiple times!

So why aren’t you going after dreams and ideas God has given you? He gives them to us not just for us but for people around us. He’s efficient that way when we follow His leading!

Have a business idea? It’s not just for you! It WILL bless you, but it will meet needs for those who buy your product or service. It may provide income for people you will employ.

Have an invention idea? It’s not just for you! It WILL bless you, but God’s ideas have ripple effects and will better the lives of others as well!

Have a dream of writing a book? Being a mentor? Adopting a child? Starting a specific ministry? The possibilities for dreams God may have placed in you are endless!

We play fast and loose with these too often, I’m convinced. Either we discount the ideas as irrelevant or impossible or too difficult or ourselves as too proud to have thought it or not qualified to pursue it.

We say we serve a God of the impossible but too many times we don’t come close to living like we believe it!

We live small and safe pursuing only what we know we can do on our own efforts rather than living large and “risky,” trusting God that He will continue to show us the steps we need to take next.

What steps are you supposed to be taking to move more fully into what God is calling you to?

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